Fort Worth Police Foundation provides special recognition to officers who demonstrate excellence in their performance by acts of heroism, exceptional skill or dedication to duty that sets them apart from their peers.

  Training Awards

As funding allows, the Foundation honors requests by the administration and officers for assistance in defraying the costs of specialized training. The following is a representative sampling of the training awards that have been made over the years.

Nominated officers are provided Southern Police Institute and Federal Bureau of Investigation training support.

Institute for Law Enforcement Administration tuition for as many as seventy-five officers per year Specialized training for bicycle officers.

Jeffrey Halstead, former Chief of the Fort Worth Police Department, recognizes this important and unique support. Click here to read a letter from which he thanks the Foundation for funding to sponsor the nationally recognized Forced Science Certification Course.

  Honor Graduates

The Fort Worth Police Foundation acknowledges dedication, hard work, and outstanding scholarship of the top police academy graduates wish cash awards.

The Fort Worth Police Department endeavors to hire the most qualified applicants to become police officers for the City of Fort Worth. Department requirements conform to the standards issued by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. In addition, the department may mandate more professional standards not indicated in basic requirements. Every applicant is required to complete several procedures to graduate, including a written test that is used to determine an individual’s rank on the eligibility list. The highest ranked candidates will proceed through additional tests including a physical assessment test and an interview with an oral review board.

The foundation wishes each officer success in his or her career as a Fort Worth police officer. The better educated our officers are, the better they are able to serve our great city in making Fort Worth the safest city in the United States.


Andrew Cobb, Class #145 (4/4/2018)
Jacob Calkins, Class #144 (12/4/2017)
Matthew Brazeal, Class #143 (9/1/2017)
Brandon Parker, Class #142 (7/12/2017)
Stephen Garrick, Class #141 (4/13/2017)
Elaina Beltran, Class #140 (12/20/2016)
William Kinser, Class #139 (7/6/2016)
Stephen Jones, Class #138 (4/13/2016)
Zachary Ferrell, Class #137 (8/27/2015)
Michael Phelps, Class #136 (10/31/2014)
Elizabeth Duemig, Class #135 (5/21/2014)
Danielle McConahay, Class #134 (12/14/2013)
Carl Green, Class #133 (8/1/2013)
Nathan Inman, Class # 132 (2/1/2013)
J.A. Balders, Class #131 (9/30/2012)
Jeremy Mullins, Class #130 (6/8/2012)
Timothy Soria , Class #129 (2/10/2012)
Dillon Maroney, Class #128 (10/20/2011)
Aldo Castenada, Class #127 (6/2/2011)
Derek Johnson, Class #126 (9/24/2010)
George Graham, Class #125 (1/15/2010)
Jason D. Spencer, Class #124 (7/31/2009)
Jeff T. Cunningham, Class #123 (1/23/2009)
Mathew Medders, Class #122 (2/13/2009)
Billy Brumley, Class #121 (9/26/2008)
Mark McMullan, Class #120 (8/1/2008)
Stephen Hennard, Class #119 (5/2/2008)
Rodney Merritt, Class #118 (2/15/2008)
Stefanie Tabor, Class #117 (9/2/2007)
Patrick Hughes, Class #116 (8/3/2007)
Vincent Brown, Class #115 (2/16/2007)
Duc Nguyen, Class #114 (8/18/2006)


Shaun Svetlecic, Class #145 (4/4/2018)
Travis Valderas, Class #144 (12/4/2017)
Jonathan Stephens, Class #144 (12/4/2017)
Travis Kendrick, Class #143 (9/11/2017)
Willie Coleman, Class #142 (7/12/2017)
Cody Atkinson, Class #141 (4/13/2017)
Tyler Ham, Class #140 (12/20/2016)
William Kinser, Class #139 (7/16/2016)
Justin Landon, Class #138 (4/12/2016)
Christoffer Beckrich, Class #137 (8/27/2015)
George Ferguson, Class #136 (10/31/2014)
Kendall Harris, Class #135 (5/21/2014)
Jeffrey Keith, Class #134 (12/4/2013)
Carl Green, Class #133 (8/1/2013)
Joshua Whitten, Class #132 (2/11/2013)


Dutch Rovell, Class #145 (4/4/18)
Preston Hull, Class #144 (12/4/17)
William Brantley, Class #143 (9/11/17)
Thomas Henry, Class #142 (7/20/17)

  Promotion Awards

Officers who are promoted to Corporal/Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief and Assistant Chief are awarded different gifts by rank.

The following officers have been honored with Promotional Awards.


Lieutenant Brandon Hill
Sergeant Stephanie Ricks
Sergeant Manuel Ramirez
Sergeant Brent Kesler
Sergeant Randy Molina
Sergeant Mathew Medders
Sergeant Patrick Blauser
Sergeant Carlos Cespedes
Sergeant Eric Buchanan
Sergeant Rodney Sneed

Corporal James Alex
Corporal Michael Pinkston
Corporal James Leavitt
Corporal Sandra Baldivia
Corporal Arthur Guajardo
Corporal Michael Wood
Corporal Jason Fogus
Corporal Corey McWhirter
Corporal Matthew Montgomery


Corporal/Detective Lorenzo EdwardsCorporal/Detective James Alex


Deputy Chief Michael A. Shedd
Commander Paula R. Fimbres
Lieutenant Raymond O. Bush
Corporal/Detective Billy Vyers


Lieutenant Antione J Williams
Lieutenant Andre L Smith
Lieutenant Kimberly N Garrett
Sergeant Benjamin S Banes
Sergeant Frank J Brown
Sergeant Ricardo Castro
Sergeant Martin R Chazarreta
Sergeant Elizabeth Ensey
Sergeant Stephan P Hennard
Sergeant Jacob S Hopson
Sergeant Bryan K Jackson
Sergeant Paul F Klucking
Sergeant Johnny R Kovar
Sergeant Phillip Laux
Sergeant Kyle A Lawrence
Sergeant Danielle Lewis
Sergeant Michael F Martinez
Sergeant Rebecca Moore
Sergeant Nathan Owens
Sergeant James Williams
Corporal Travis J Sherlock
Corporal Anne C Ballard
Corporal Sean Nguyen
Corporal Cody Halyard
Corporal Phillip Reinhardt
Corporal Jovan Garcia
Corporal Victor Hernandez
Corporal John Lucas
Corporal Charles Rutledge
Corporal Christopher Parker
Corporal Marshall Meyer
Corporal Khristopher Donahey
Corporal Taryn Whittle
Corporal Anthony Brewer
Corporal Clint West
Corporal Jason Spradlin
Corporal Seth A Spaun
Corporal Jedidiah A Miller
Corporal Phillip K Brooks


Lieutenant Guillermo E. De La Camp
Lieutenant David C. Fleming
Lieutenant James E. Hill
Lieutenant Cory L. Luttmer
Lieutenant Brian S. Clouse
Captain James C. Stockton


Corporal/Detective George S. Graham
Corporal/Detective Ernesto Saldivar
Corporal/Detective James L. Novak
Corporal/Detective Joel B. Stary
Corporal/Detective Jeff Cunningham
Corporal/Detective John F. Bright
Corporal/Detective Emilio Chavez
Corporal/Detective Louis N. Kernes
Corporal/Detective Michael J. Sones
Corporal/Detective Jason B. Hopson
Corporal/Detective Amy Olson
Corporal/Detective Jay J. Doshi
Corporal/Detective Matthew E. Walker
Corporal/Detective Christopher M. Williams
Corporal/Detective Michael Johnson
Corporal/Detective Kent M. Bickley
Corporal/Detective Sonja K. Wood
Corporal/Detective Mario Cabello
Corporal/Detective Joshua Bohlin
Corporal/Detective Blake C. Jenkins
Corporal/Detective Dillon T. Maroney
Corporal/Detective Mauricio Renteria
Corporal/Detective Carey M. Gilbert
Corporal/Detective Case Hudson
Corporal/Detective Walter D. Jimenez
Corporal/Detective Kevin T. Um
Corporal/Detective Joshua D. Lewis
Corporal/Detective Jeremy M. Mullins
Corporal/Detective Cody T. Johnson
Corporal/Detective Sammie E. Brinegar
Corporal/Detective Eric A. Bentley
Corporal/Detective Mitchell A. Ellis
Corporal/Detective Kyle M. Harris


Detective Pawel D. Nabialek
Detective Jason J. Kim
Detective Jacob White
Detective Vincent W. Brown
Detective Kevin L. Hernandez
Detective Merle D. Green
Detective Russell L. Sowers
Detective Ross B. Lyons
Detective William R. Cloud
Detective Reginald J. Traylor
Detective Stephen G. Hodges
Detective Paul C. Orogbu
Detective Adam B. Byars
Detective Rodsdricke L. Martin
Detective Mario A. Gomez
Detective Justin C. Williams
Detective Darryl L. Drebing
Detective William S. Adams
Detective Joe F. Shipp
Detective Jonathan R. McKee
Detective Samantha L. Horner
Detective Tina R. VanHouten
Detective Brian E. Johnson
Detective Sherry L. Alldredge
Detective Keith A. Hankerson
Detective Juan C. Frias
Detective Randy D. Watkins
Detective Richard E. Perez
Detective Daniel S. Evans
Detective Robert D. Watson
Detective David Deleon


Commander Neil Noakes
Commander Cynthia O’Neil
Commander Gregory Weathers
Commander Pedro Criado
Commander Joseph Sparrow
Commander Michael Shedd
Captain Bryan Jamison
Captain John White
Captain Guerin Mahaffey
Captain James Driver
Captain Leonard Elgin
Captain Robin Krouse
Captain Christine Demore
Lieutenant Michael Williams
Lieutenant Brent Halford
Lieutenant Edward Ochoa
Lieutenant Dan Fenter
Lieutenant Amy Ladd
Lieutenant Mark Chalifoux
Lieutenant Amy Rodriguez
Lieutenant Kirk Wisdom
Lieutenant Wade Walls
Lieutenant Billie Price
Lieutenant Roy Hudson
Lieutenant Jefferson Keck
Corporal/Detective Bradley Cantu
Corporal/Detective Phillip Whitehead
Corporal/Detective Maria Orand
Corporal/Detective Anna Chambers
Corporal/Detective Stephen Valle
Corporal/Detective Charlie Owens
Corporal/Detective Jacob Brannan
Corporal/Detective Brad Bean
Corporal/Detective Rufus Williams


Assistant Chief Charles E. Ramirez
Deputy Chief Julie Swearingin
Deputy Chief Robert Alldredge
Lieutenant David Carabajal


Lieutenant Katherine E. Schrader
Lieutenant Richard E. Demore
Sergeant Gerardo Gutierrez
Sergeant Dana A. Stevenson
Sergeant Francisco Solano
Sergeant Jennifer K. Ervin
Corporal Jason M. Montoya
Corporal Travis W. Reed
Corporal William J. Stephens
Corporal Andrew T. Matthews
Corporal Anthony R. White
Corporal Daniel A. Koplin
Corporal Cody J. Guzman
Corporal Michael A. Arredondo
Corporal Jamie D. Slagle
Corporal Elias E. Reyes
Corporal Ariel A. Chavez


Corporal Christopher A. Read
Corporal Paul A. Vega
Corporal Jason R. Ricks
Corporal Robert J. Porter
Corporal Dustin A. Shaw
Corporal Lindsey K. Bowden
Corporal Andrew S. Owen
Corporal Landon S. Sharman
Corporal Joe A. Pittman
Corporal Christopher A. Ramirez
Corporal Chadwick D. Scroggins
Corporal Justin D. Tullis
Corporal Joshua D. Rodriguez
Corporal Adam D. Perry
Corporal Juan L. Sandoval
Corporal Rene Frias
Corporal Rena M. Slagle
Corporal Benjamin A. Micklin
Corporal Lonita J. Wiggins
Corporal Jason Young
Corporal Mark E. Macy
Corporal Leah M. Dickerson
Corporal Gregory A. Harper
Corporal Brandon S. Magallon
Corporal Veronica Coronado
Corporal Augustus R. Green
Corporal Michael R. Tyler
Corporal Ryan L. Nichols
Sergeant Gregory C. Bates
Sergeant Billy W. Randolph
Sergeant James L. Garrett
Sergeant Ronnie N. Chau


Captain Chad E. PlowmanSergeant Joan E Chalifoux


Sergeant Angela M. MapesSergeant Andrew L. Nolan


Captain Kathryn D. Rowell
Lieutenant Sean Kenjura
Lieutenant Brian S. Keenum
Sergeant John T. Davis
Sergeant Bradley A. Coleman


Captain Julie A. Swearingin
Lieutenant Mark D. Allen
Lieutenant Jeremy J. Allen
Lieutenant Gregory D. Weathers
Lieutenant Mark L. Ball
Sergeant Christopher A. Gorrie
Sergeant Christopher D. Britt
Sergeant Tamy D. Towns
Sergeant Gary D. Hawley
Sergeant Dalton E. Webb
Sergeant Charles E. Boykin
Sergeant Ron S. Turner
Sergeant Daniel L. Davis
Sergeant Robert T. Phillips
Sergeant Salvador Hernandez
Sergeant Christopher W. Daniels
Sergeant Jonathan C. Rhoades
Sergeant Felicia D. Yates
Sergeant Jason Leach
Corporal Harald D. Cussnick
Corporal Hjalmar Olmo
Corporal Rick A. Armistead
Corporal Kathryn N. Freix
Corporal Simon L. Seymour
Corporal Sidney C. Keith
Corporal William F. Yeager
Corporal Benjamin C. Jones
Corporal Tyler B. Glapa
Corporal Anthony D. Taylor
Corporal James D. Tate
Corporal David H. Hughes
Corporal Joe D. Collins
Corporal Isaac J. Martinez
Corporal Ronald R. Jeter
Corporal Benjamin C. Bucy
Corporal Cedrick D. Jessie
Corporal Terrance L Horn
Corporal Billy D. Brumley
Corporal Michael B. Zimpelman
Corporal Raymond E. Dufresne


Corporal Leigh A. Jones
Corporal Brandon M. Finch
Corporal Ebony V. Bryan
Corporal John C. Pogue
Corporal Daniel P. Jwanowski
Corporal Waqas Ameen
Corporal James L. Grow
Corporal Bruce J. Anderson
Sergeant Corey A. Hysmith
Sergeant Ruben Towns
Lieutenant Richard H. Simmons
Lieutenant Axel Schardt
Captain Devon M. Pitt
Captain Sam C. Davidsaver
Deputy Chief Ty K. Hadsell
Deputy Chief Vance Keyes
Assistant Chief Ed J. Kraus


Corporal Henri Leblanc
Corporal Eric J. Buchanan
Corporal Andrew J. Castillo
Corporal Michael P. Sutherland
Corporal Adriane L. Allcon
Corporal Casey L. Carter
Corporal Jesus Banda
Corporal James A. Salvatore
Corporal Preston S. Hambric
Corporal Robert B. Jackson
Corporal Emelia Howard
Corporal Robert L. Thetford
Corporal Juan M. Trujillo
Corporal Ha H. Nguyen
Sergeant Jeffery D. Brady
Sergeant Billy W. Wright
Sergeant Dani L. Paine
Sergeant Jesus Jr. Alaniz
Sergeant Neil E. Harris
Sergeant Monica L. Jackson
Lieutenant Todd M. Plowman
Lieutenant Paula R. Fimbres
Lieutenant Neil Noakes
Lieutenant Mark Barthen
Lieutenant Charles Harn


Corporal James C. Williams
Corporal Stefanie A. Tabor
Corporal Carlos S. Cespedes
Corporal Brent W. Kesler
Corporal Kaare G. Martin
Corporal Randy Molina
Corporal Christopher S. Fitzharris
Corporal Curtis L. Alexander
Corporal Manuel R. Ramirez
Corporal Geoffrey Sprott
Corporal Aaron D. Christopher
Corporal Matthew B. Medders
Corporal Sean C. Blaydes
Corporal Anthony S. Rimshas
Sergeant Jonathan M. Bayer
Sergeant Britton R. Oremus
Captain Ty K. Hadsell


Sergeant Kwang B. Nam
Sergeant Robert J. Westbrook
Sergeant William D. Paine
Sergeant Blenda K. Selvey
Sergeant Michael T. Brown
Sergeant Stephen G. Fineman
Lieutenant Cedric C. Gutter
Lieutenant Gary R. Reynolds
Lieutenant William A. Hix II
Lieutenant Ward T. Robinson
Captain Vance M. Keyes
Captain Michael A. Shedd
Captain Robert A. Alldredge
Captain Donald T. Hanlon


Interim Chief Rhonda Robertson
Assistant Chief Kenneth Dean
Deputy Chief Arthur Barclay
Deputy Chief Charles Ramirez
Lieutenant Darren Young
Sergeant David Yerigan
Sergeant Marcus Povero
Sergeant Justin Seabourn
Sergeant Shawn Murray
Sergeant Luis Medrano
Sergeant Ryan Stepp
Sergeant Matthew Mapes
Sergeant Jared Salzman
Sergeant Robert Stewart III
Sergeant Patrick Delano
Sergeant Kynrick Koralewski
Sergeant Charles Hubbard
Corporal Stephen Hennard
Corporal Chris Brashear
Corporal Jacob Hopson
Corporal Bryan Jackson
Corporal James Howard
Corporal Alisha Dunkin
Corporal Christopher Bookwalter
Corporal Marcus Russell
Corporal Johnny Kovar
Corporal Joshua Rogers
Corporal Jason Gipson
Corporal Phillip Laux
Corporal Michael Martinez


Corporal Frank J. Brown
Lieutenant Cynthia G. O’Neal
Deputy Chief Sharron R. Kamper


Corporal Benjamin Banes
Corporal Vincent Brown
Corporal Juan Frias
Corporal Amelia Heise
Corporal Kyle Lawrence
Corporal Danielle Lewis
Corporal Joshua Miller
Corporal Pawel Nabialek
Corporal Paul Orogbu
Corporal Nathan Owens
Corporal Richard Perez
Corporal Russell Sowers
Corporal Reginald Traylor
Corporal Tina VanHouten
Corporal Christina Watson
Corporal Jacob White
Sergeant Randy Finch
Sergeant Oscar Flores
Sergeant Guillermo Hernandez
Sergeant David Hobbs
Sergeant Brent Johnson
Sergeant Stephen Kleckner
Sergeant Bobby McCarthy
Sergeant Francis Smith
Sergeant Andre Smith
Sergeant Kathleen Westfall
Sergeant Buck Wheeler
Lieutenant Steven Benjamin
Lieutenant Johnna Bridges
Lieutenant Marcia Conrad
Lieutenant Christine Demore
Lieutenant Leonard Elgin
Lieutenant Mark Hukel
Lieutenant Brandon Johnson
Captain Tyson Cheek
Captain David McElroy
Captain Curtis Wadlington
Deputy Chief Kenneth Dean
Deputy Chief Martin Salinas


Sergeant Troy Lawrence
Sergeant Jon Jensen
Sergeant Bryan Farmer
Sergeant Deon Nash


Corporal/Detective William S. Adams
Corporal/Detective David DeLeon
Corporal/Detective Daniel S. Evans
Corporal/Detective Stephen G. Hodges
Corporal/Detective Leah Wagner
Corporal/Detective Robert D. Watson
Corporal/Detective Justin C. Williams
Sergeant David C. Fleming
Sergeant James E. Hill
Sergeant Pablo V. Mendoza
Sergeant Keith A. Savoy
Sergeant Jonathan R. Sutherland
Lieutenant Freddrick W. Long


Corporal/Detective Adam Byars
Corporal/Detective Rodsricke Martin
Corporal/Detective Zachary Martin
Lieutenant John Donaldson
Lieutenant Boyd Latham
Captain Charles Ramirez


Corporal/Detective Charles Boykin
Corporal/Detective Ricardo Castro
Corporal/Detective Martin Chazarreta
Corporal/Detective Darryl Drebing
Corporal/Detective Keith Hankerson
Corporal/Detective Oliver Hill
Corporal/Detective Jason Kim
Corporal/Detective Javier Valdez
Corporal/Detective Randy Watkins
Sergeant Craig Bonnette
Sergeant Raymond Bush
Sergeant John Law
Sergeant Douglas Lusty


Corporal/Detective Jonathon Rhoades
Corporal/Detective Daniel Donovan
Corporal/Detective Francisco Solano
Corporal/Detective Michael Kelly
Corporal/Detective Dalton Webb
Sergeant Edward Ochoa
Sergeant Kirk Wisdom
Sergeant Scott Sikes
Lieutenant Pedro Criado
Lieutenant John White


Corporal/Detective Christopher D. Britt
Corporal/Detective Gary D. Hawley
Corporal/Detective Stephen W. Jackson
Corporal/Detective Ross B. Lyons
Sergeant Jeremy O. Spann
Lieutenant Bryan A. Jamison
Lieutenant Michael B. O’Neil


Corporal/Detective Rholand E. Sabo
Sergeant David M. Carabajal
Sergeant Amy E. McClellan
Sergeant Zoran Petrovic
Sergeant Craig C. Thomas


Corporal/Detective Casey Allen
Corporal/Detective Ronnie N. Chau
Corporal/Detective Brandee B. Fearneyhough
Corporal/Detective John W. Galloway
Corporal/Detective Kevin L. Hernandez
Corporal/Detective Brian E. Johnson
Corporal/Detective Jason Leach
Corporal/Detective Sandra C. Leach
Corporal/Detective Andrew L. Nolan
Corporal/Detective Drew M. Savage
Corporal/Detective Dana A. Stevenson
Corporal/Detective Hal D. Woody
Sergeant Richard E. Demore
Sergeant Shane C. Drake
Sergeant Paula R. Fimbres
Sergeant Charles R. Harn
Sergeant Richard R. Mendoza
Sergeant Jason R. Mendoza
Sergeant Neil W. Noakes
Sergeant Katherine E. Schrader
Sergeant Lorne P. Tracy
Lieutenant Bryan K. Stevens
Captain Arthur L. Barclay
Captain Sharon R. Kamper


Corporal/Detective Duane Collins
Lieutenant J. Moore
Corporal/Detective Jennifer Ervin
Lieutenant Julie Swearingin
Corporal/Detective Bonnie Kenjura
Corporal/Detective Dale Malugani
Sergeant Brian Clouse
Sergeant Amy Rodriguez
Sergeant Patrick Sheeran


Corporal/Detective Matthew E. Collingsworth
Corporal/Detective Christopher W. Daniels
Corporal/Detective John T. Davis
Corporal/Detective Patrick A. Delano
Corporal/Det. Christopher A. Fearneyhough
Corporal/Detective Mario A. Gomez
Corporal/Detective Christopher A. Gorrie
Corporal/Detective Joan E. Gray
Corporal/Detective Salvador Hernandez
Corporal/Detective Kynrick D. Koralewski
Corporal/Detective Ronald R. McMullen
Corporal/Detective Luis G. Medrano
Corporal/Detective Rebecca L. Moore
Corporal/Detective Alfred R. Perales
Corporal/Detective Justin R. Seabourn
Corporal/Detective Blenda K. Selvey
Corporal/Detective Ryan C. Stepp
Corporal/Detective Robert E. Stewart
Corporal/Detective Billy W. Wright
Sergeant Christopher R. Leary
Sergeant Antoine J. Williams
Lieutenant Mark D. Pitt


Corporal/Detective Jesus Alaniz Jr.
Corporal/Detective Alana L. Baxter
Corporal/Detective Jonathan Bayer
Corporal/Detective Corey A. Hysmith
Corproal/Detective Rex A. Kiser
Corporal/Detective Paul F. Klucking
Corporal/Detective Duc M. Nguyen
Corporal/Detective Ruben Towns
Corporal/Detective Laura A. Walter
Sergeant Jeremy J. Allen
Sergeant Edward J. Bach
Sergeant Mark A. Barthen
Sergeant Craig A. Buzbee
Sergeant Irvan A. Campbell
Sergeant Dan L. Fenter
Sergeant Paul R. Genualdo
Sergeant Jefferson V. Keck
Sergeant Sean C. Kenjura
Sergeant Sean R. Lacroix
Sergeant Stephen E. Myers
Sergeant Kenneth W. Stack
Sergeant Luke W. Stout
Sergeant Richard W. Van Houten
Sergeant Wade S. Walls
Sergeant Michael J. Williams
Lieutenant Robert A. Alldredge, Jr.
Lieutenant Samuel C. Davidsaver
Lieutenant Ty K. Hadsell
Lieutenant Vance D. Keyes
Lieutenant Robin L. Krouse
Lieutenant Guerin C. Mahaffey
Lieutenant Chad E. Plowman
Lieutenant Kathryn D. Rowell|
Captain Lewis A. Harris
Captain Kevin J. Rodricks
Captain Shawn K. Stone
Captain Linda M. Stuart
Major Billy J. Cordell
Major Kenneth W. Flynn
Major Gene A. Jones
Major William A. Read
Deputy Chief Daniel Garcia


Corporal/Detective J Brady
Corporal/Detective Michael Brown
Corporal/Detective J Cedillo
Corporal/Detective William R Cloud
Corporal/Detective Elizabeth A Ensey
Corporal/Detective David C Flemming
Corporal/Detective Guillermo Hernandez
Corporal/Detective Monica L Jackson
Corporal/Detective JR Lamond
Corporal/Detective WK Maddox
Corporal/Detective Maricelia Maldonado
Corporal/Detective A Mapes
Corporal/Detective JR McKee
Corporal/Detective Shawn Murray
Corporal/Detective Kwang B Nam
Corporal/Detective Robert S Phillips, III
Corporal/Detective Stephanie A Phillips
Corporal/Detective Marcus E Povero
Corporal/Detective L Ray
Corporal/Detective Jared Salzman
Corporal/Detective Linda Sims
Corporal/Detective Andre L Smith
Corporal/Detective Francis G. Smith
Corporal/Detective Justin Stroud
Corporal/Detective Jonathon R Sutherland
Corporal/Detective Robert Westbrook
Corporal/Detective Buck D Wheeler
Sergeant Sandra E Castillo
Sergeant Bobby S Cox
Sergeant Christine M Demore
Sergeant Jeffrey Dunn
Sergeant Herbert L Gibbs
Sergeant SM Gillette
Sergeant Brent D Halford
Sergeant BE Hill
Sergeant Jeanonna L Hill
Sergeant Steven Hinshaw
Sergeant Deborah A Holman
Sergeant Terry L Howard
Sergeant Roy Hudson, Jr.
Sergeant Kyle M Jarrell
Sergeant BS Keenum
Sergeant KC Peel
Sergeant GR Reynolds
Sergeant Richard H Simmons, Jr.
Lieutenant D. Cantrell
Lieutenant TL Cheek
Lieutenant Robert Cook
Lieutenant David McElroy
Lieutenant Michael Shedd
Lieutenant David Wagner
Captain DR Humphries


Corporal A. Fincher
Corporal BA Farmer
Corporal B. Brown
Corporal BR McCarthy
Corporal CC Thomas
Corporal CR Harn
Corporal CR Williams
Corporal CC Dominguez
Corporal D. Carabajal
Corporal DD Dunn
Corporal DL Blue
Corporal DL Davis
Corporal DL Nash
Corporal ER Ochoa
Corporal EC Pate
Corporal JF Shipp
Corporal JR Mendoza
Corporal JS Law
Corporal JG Kalbfleisch
Corporal KC Sullivan
Corporal KL Hopson
Corporal KA Savoy
Corporal KB Westfall
Corporal LA McGee
Corporal MD Mapes
Corporal NW Noakes
Corporal NE Harris
Corporal OM Flores
Corporal PR Hernandez
Corporal PA Bennett
Corporal PH Gass
Corporal PM Miller
Corporal PV Mendoza
Corporal PE Mertz
Corporal PT Blauser
Corporal RO Bush
Corporal RR Mendoza
Corporal RD Fluitt
Corporal RE Demore
Corporal RS Turner
Corporal RS Finch
Corporal SC Sikes
Corporal SG Fineman
Corporal TM Crow
Corporal TS O’Brien
Corporal WD Paine
Corporal YZ Jefferson
Corporal Z Petrovic
Sergeant BA Johnson
Sergeant BF Price
Sergeant CL Luttmer
Sergeant CC Gutter
Sergeant CS Hendrix
Sergeant J. Donaldson
Sergeant JE Gatewood
Sergeant JE Pruitt
Sergeant KJ Pierce
Sergeant KN Garrett
Sergeant LE Elgin
Sergeant RP Ross II
Sergeant WT Byrnes
Lieutenant CT Wadlington
Lieutenant DE Rogers
Lieutenant DT Hanlon
Captian KW Dean
Captian SE ConnDeputy Chief AD Pridgen
Deputy Chief WA Read


Corporal PH Ufkes
Corporal JM Combs
Corporal MA Barthen
Corporal DP Hobbs
Corporal CP Combs
Corporal SE Myers
Corporal ME Anderson
Corporal SC Kenjura
Corporal LW Stout
Corporal L Luevanos
Corporal RW Van Houten
Corporal DL Fenter
Corporal JE Hill
Corporal WS Walls
Corporal JD Spann
Corporal MJ Williams
Corporal JV Keck
Corporal FD Cleveland
Corporal RE Bruno
Corporal AS Morrow
Corporal PR Genualdo
Corporal I Espinzo Jr.
Corporal EB Raynsford
Corporal JR Salazar
Corporal ML Jones
Corporal BS Clouse
Corporal JA Jenson
Corporal JJ Allen
Corporal AJ Williams
Corporal AE Rodriguez
Corporal Al Martino
Sergeant JA Swearingin
Sergeant SC Davidsaver
Sergeant BA Jamison
Sergeant BW Johnson
Sergeant RA Dehoyos
Sergeant GD Weathers
Sergeant BB Benfield
Sergeant BS Nesbitt
Sergeant TA Busker
Sergeant JM Bridges
Sergeant ML Conrad
Sergeant DR Tatom
Sergeant DB Stout
Sergeant SL Schloeman
Sergeant ML Ball
Sergeant SE Dean
eLieutenant TA BessireCaptain M SalinasDeputy Chief KW Flynn


Sergeant CA Blake
Sergeant DC Canfield
Sergeant SR Enright
Sergeant DT Horn
Sergeant W Traverso
Lieutenant LA Harris
Lieutenant DP Henderson
Lieutenant FV Gilbert
Lieutenant SR Kamper
Lieutenant JD McCarthy
Lieutenant LM Stuart
Captain GA Jones
Captain D Garcia
Deputy Chief CE Ramirez
Deputy Chief R Robertson


Corporal WS Thompson
Corporal JE Pruitt
Corporal BE Hill
Corporal RH Simmons
Corporal JD Donaldson
Corporal KM Jarrell
Corporal HA Tiwater
Corporal PG Henz
Corporal BS Keenum
Corporal BF Price
Corporal CW Hubbard
Corporal RL Hudson
Corporal GR Reynolds
Corporal DB Bell
Corporal KJ Pierce
Corporal SL Alldredge
Corporal BD Halford
Corporal SE Castillo
Corporal BR Oremus
Corporal TL Garrett
Corporal A Garza
Corporal ML Marks
Sergeant JG Holman
Sergeant VD Keyes
Sergeant RA Alldredge, Jr.
Sergeant WT Robinson
Sergeant TK Hadsell
Sergeant MD Allen
Sergeant GJ Loughman
Sergeant RL Dotson
Sergeant JK Driver
Sergeant JB Hadley
Sergeant SD Hawkins
Sergeant TG Porter
Sergeant KD Rowell
Sergeant MR Skaggs
Sergeant GC Mahaffey
Sergeant A Schardt
Sergeant RM Welch
Sergeant BK Stevens
Sergeant SJ Hederer
Sergeant LG Klein
Sergeant CD Johnson
Lieutenant EG Edney
Lieutenant RR Rangel
Lieutenant KR Crawford
Captain BJ Cordell
Captain AD Pridgen


Sergeant CT Wadlington
Sergeant MB Oneil
Sergeant MA Shedd
Sergeant WA Hix
Sergeant DW Yerigan
Sergeant SJ Benjamin
Sergeant FW Long
Lieutenant JM Sparrow
Lieutenant GR Verrett
Lieutenant SK Stone
Corporal LP Tracy
Corporal KE Schrader
Corporal D Holman
Corporal AE McClellen
Corporal RL Ham
Corporal GD Weathers
Corporal JT Rhoden
Corporal WT Byrnes
Corporal K Adcock
Corporal CC Gutter
Corporal WW Browning

Providing for the safety of Fort Worth is a team effort, day in and day out. The Foundation recognizes the men and women wearing a Fort Worth badge are committed public servants, who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way so that the public is safe.

The following is a list of officers that have been honored through a donation to the Foundation for representing service, respect, dedication and excellence in policing.




Officer Jon Clamme
Officer Louis Kerns


Captain Scott E. Conn
Sergeant Shane Drake
Officer Wayne Gunter


Officer George Graham
Officer Jennifer Graham
Officer Richard Hoeppner


Officer Carry Lockhart
Officer Jesse Contreras
Officer John Bell


Officer Marc Schneider


Sergeant Mark Wilson, in honor of 30 years of service


Chief Jeffrey Halstead
Fort Worth Bike Patrol
Detective Thomas O-Brien
In memory of Carolyn Chadwell, Widow of Officer Jimmie Franklin Chadwell