Fort Worth Police Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to recognize and promote the professionalism and excellence of Fort Worth Police Officers. Formerly the Fort Worth Police Officers’ Award Foundation, we admire and respect the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices our officers make on a daily basis to keep Fort Worth safe.

Founder Edd Lott, of American Manufacturing and Mercantile Center, identified that in the private sector, recognition of professionalism and high performance results in better results. He believed this to be true in law enforcement and challenged a handful of his colleagues to support his premise with financial contributions. Within 40 days, 40 community advocates initially funded the Foundation.

Then Police Chief H.F. Hopkins called the Foundation a “stroke of genius,” because it would rank-and-file police officers would become aware of the community’s support. The Foundation was believed to be the first private sector initiative of its kind nation-wide.


H. Vernon Baird
William F. Beuck
Richard C. Buetow
Amon G. Carter
H.E. Chiles
Wm. C. Conner
Alex Dillard
Cass Edwards
Max Eubanks
H.B. Fuqua
Kenneth Garrett
Marvin Gearhart
W.J. Gourley
Earle A. Haley
Derrell Johnson
John Justin
B.J. Kellenberger
James P. Lattimore, Jr.
Frances G. Lott
J. Edd Lott

Reg Martin
John V. McMillan
M.J. Neeley
Charles R. Newman
James R. Nichols
J.C. Pace, Jr.
A.M. Pate
Anne L. Phillips
Cecil Y. Ray, Jr.
Jane E. Schlansker
Henry W. Simon, Jr.
L. Keller Smith
William T. Smith
Richard D. Steed
Western Company by H.E. Chiles
J.K. Williams
C. Dickie Williamson
Jim Wolf
S.P. Woodson, Jr.
M.C. Wooten