Community-Based Policing is a crime-prevention strategy based on a cooperative effort between the community and the Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD). This includes Neighborhood Policing Districts and numerous programs to address specific types of crime and community safety, such as:

  • Neighborhood Police Officers
  • Citizens on Patrol
  • Crime Watch
  • Citizens Police Academy
  • Programs for high-crime neighborhoods
  • Alarm registration


In 1991, Code Blue was established as result of a comprehensive crime reduction campaign. The Code Blue program supports numerous crime prevention initiatives, expansion of FWPD facilities into local neighborhoods and the hiring of additional officers.

The goals of Code Blue include:

  • Reduce crime, with specific focus on violent crime
  • Improve the quality of life for all Fort Worth residents
  • Increase direct citizen involvement in crime prevention through community empowerment
  • Involve children in crime prevention and self-esteem development programs

More information regarding the Citizens on Patrol and Code Blue program can be found here.

Winners of the Thomas R. Windham Community Policing Award are nominated by the citizens of Fort Worth and presented at the annual Code Blue Seminar.